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Software QA Manager
  Andrey Yalovoy    Payment: 80000

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Experienced Software QA Manager

Looking for work in:
Illinois,  United States

Employment term: long term
Position type: full time
Phone: +7 908 441 8942 Email: <hidden>
Fax: - Web: www.linkedin.com/in/andreyyalovoy
  Date: 2008-08-12 Reference: 911CV211408  
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CV / resume
Andrey Yalovoy
Date of birth 1975-04-17
Sex Male
Location Gromova str., 8-39, Vladivostok, Primorskiy, Russian Federation
Email andrey.yalovoy@gmail.com
Phone +7 908 441 8942
Fax -
Marital status married
QA professional with 14+ years of experience in software engineering, strong knowledge of all phases of SDLC and strong working knowledge of software testing (manual and automated, functional, integration, regression, system, performance, etc.)

Quality Assurance Software Testing Test Planning and Strategy Manual and Automated Test Development Test Execution Issue Analysis and Reporting Root Cause Analysis Software Development Process Definition and Continuous Process Improvement Project Management Project Planning/Oversight/Tracking Risk Management Troubleshooting/Corrective Action Resource planning Team Development and Leadership Reporting Metrics

Education (base)
Far Easter National University
Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

Education (additional)
Additional trainings in SW development process, CMM, Software quality, Intergroup coordination, Formal Inspections, Requirements management, CM management, ClearCase and DDTS, etc. (50+ trainings conducted by Rhonda and Motorola trainers) ◦ Rhonda Software, Vladivostok, Russia ◦ 2000 2009
Project Management training (planning, risk management, budgets, analysis, monitoring, team building) ◦ Project Management Institute and Institute of Sustainable Development, Vladivostok, Russia ◦ 2006
Financial markets analysis and financial instruments trading ◦ ForexClub Academy (http://www.fxclubacademy.ru/), Moscow, Russia ◦ 2009

Rhonda Software, Vladivostok, Russia ◦ 2009 - today
Private company ◦ Industry: Computer Software ◦ http://www.rhondasoftware.com ◦ Largest and most mature software development company at the Russian Far East, focused on Computer Vision and embedded software development ◦ Certified SEI SW CMM Level 4 Company
Software QA manager
Manage QA activities in Computer Vision projects conducted by Rhonda Software. Estimate effort required for QA activities, plan QA activities, participate in requirements and design review, develop manual and automated tests, prepare video and still image content for testing, develop tools required for QA activities, execute tests and report and track found defects. Investigate and learn QA practices commonly used in Computer Vision development. Drive test automation tools creation.
Key achievements:
Developed tool for automated tests creation (visual marking out objects on video used for testing) and for managing test video content (using custom meta information). Technologies used: C#, .Net framework, OpenCV.

Motorola, Mobile Devices division, Rhonda site (SEI CMM level 4), Vladivostok, Russia ◦ 2000 2009
Public company ◦ Industry: Telecommunications ◦ http://www.motorola.com
Software test group manager
Managed Multimedia test group (25+ engineers and technicians), that participated in software development projects for many Motorola mobile phones C650, V220, V80, E380, E1000, C975, V360, V980, V1050, SLVR, PEBL, RAZR V3/V3i/V3x, ROKR, RAZR2 and many other. Areas of multimedia functionality - Audio/Video/Image capture, Audio/Video playback and streaming, FM Radio, Themes, Media navigation.
Conducted many projects at the same time - in 2008 team successfully tested 50+ new features for 9 products, 4000+ new tests were developed. Main responsibilities at this position - effort estimation, projects planning, scheduling, intergroup coordination, resource management, tracking and reporting. Defined and improved test processes and strategies, worked on process documents for testing activities, took part in SEI CMM certifications.
Managed: Creation of Multimedia test framework (infrastructure and helper classes for the multimedia automatic testing on Motorola P2K platform based on PTF/Phone Test Framework - internal Java-based framework for testing Motorola handsets); Development of 2000+ automated tests covered various multimedia functionality - cameras, media player, navigation, fm radio; Creation of automated content-driven test tool that analyzed structure of phone menu (stored in the SQLite database in the phone) and traverses through it in order to validate each option and check each equivalence class of media files; Investigation of Model-based testing.
Key achievements:
Implemented 24/7 test execution process for integration releases: CM team released label and first available test site (Russia, India, Italy, Brazil or US) picked up it and started testing, then not completed testing was handed off to the site in next time zone. As result test time was reduced from 2-3 days to 1 day for preBR labels and reduced from 3-4 days to 2 days for component labels. Open source tracking system eTraxis was used for tracking whole process.
Developed report site for management and test analytics purposes (track tasks, generate summary and performance reports). Technologies used: PHP, HTML, Apache server, MySQL and MS SQL databases.
Made test development and maintenance process more visible and controllable by the implement of management system based on open source tracking system eTraxis.
Participated in Digital Six Sigma project MMA Escaped Defect Reduction. As result increased the feature test defect containment rate from the 40% to 85%.
Successfully established the continuous process of improving test coverage based on found defects.

Senior Software test engineer/Test lead
Managed test team on Email client (POP3/IMAP4/SMTP) for A830 and A835 mobile phones development projects. Defined test strategy, created test plans, assigned tasks to other team members, tracked work, reported test results to project lead and senior management, supervised 8 test engineers. Designed, developed and executed test cases. Tracked test coverage and collected and analyzed quality assurance metrics. Prepared test content (test scripts, email messages of different formats, etc.) and test environment (servers, simulators). Managed Interoperability testing in AT&T and H3G labs.
Key achievements:
Fluently utilized 3G network simulators (Anritsu MD8480A W-CDMA signaling tester) for testing email over 3G network - A830 was one of the first 3G handset, and 3G networks were not available during product development.

Software test engineer
Developed and executed manual and automated tests for many PPS (Pager Programming Software - Windows-based application for pagers configure) software development projects (LS350, LS550, LS750, BR850, PageWriter, T900, etc.) and CDMA mobile phone software development projects (V200, C332c, v60e, v120e, T720i, T720c, etc.). Analyzed defects and created defect reports in DDTS.
Key achievements:
Significantly decreased regression test execution time on PPS software development projects by the use of Rational Visual Test for test automation.
Automated testing of new feature (QWERTY-keyboard) for CDMA mobile phone software development project using PTF/Phone Test Framework - internal Java-based framework for testing Motorola handsets.
Promptly learned how to use CDMA base station simulator Racal for testing messaging.

State Tax Inspection Authority, Vladivostok city branch and Primorskiy region branch, Vladivostok, Russia ◦ 1996 2000
Government agency
Software engineer
Maintained Software for tax audits registration implemented new functionality in order to comply with latest tax law changes and fixed found issues, technologies used: Borland Delphi, Oracle, PL/SQL. Administrated databases for tax accounting (Oracle). Collected statistical data from databases and generated reports. Provided IT support for tax officers - assisted in usage problems with internal software for tax accounting, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes and network.


Additional info
Languages English Conversational
Russian Fluent - Full Knowledge
Drive licence Yes
Own transport Yes
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