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  Igor Mohoric    Оплата: Negotiable

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I have been programming in C on a UNIX system for over a year now and am seeking employment in the USA . My reason for wanting to move is mainly to get more experience but also to get a different perspective on life . My current position is more or less routine and does not offer much in terms of innovation yet has provided me a great stepping stone .Between work assignments I take time to read up on technology and study the myriad of development tools that are freely available as open source or free software.

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Флорида,  США

Тип найма: постоянная работа
Занятость: полный рабочий день

Телефон: +27 72 4133222 Email: <скрыт>
Факс: - Web: -
  Дата: 2003-03-31 Ссылка: 911CV17491  
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CV работника
Igor Mohoric
Дата рождения 1981-10-15
Пол Мужской
Расположение 23 Ocean Gardens, 117 Waterkant Road, Durban North, Durban, 4051, KwaZulu-Natal, ЮАР
Email imohoric@hotmail.com
Телефон +27 72 4133222
Факс -
Семейное положение Single and looking in all the wrong places.
Although getting the MCSD Microsoft certification marked the beginning of my IT studies , my goal is to continueworking with UNIX development. I am particularly interested in Linux system configuration, shell scripting and developing applications using Perl or Java. I personally feel that the outcome of learning and implementing such technologies is far more valuable than any amount spent on licensing software that only offers technical support as compensation for it's limited or restricted development solutions.


-Analyst Programmer ( C Language )
-Web Developer
-Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Образование основное

J. Dobrila Technical High School Pula, Croatia

Graduated from technical high school after completing my five year electro-technical higher diploma.

Образование дополнительное
I.T. Intellect Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Subjects completed

Analysing Requirements; Defining Solution. Architecture.

Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL server 7.

Designing and Implementing Desktop applications with Visual Basic 6.0.

Designing and Implementing distributed applications with Visual Basic 6.0.


Completed a comprehensive HTML programming course. I have thorough knowledge of HTML code, Macromedia Flash, VBScript and Interdev.

Other skills:

Linux Red Hat Operating System (7.3 and current version) Installation, network setup, kernel compilation and system configuration on Intel (Pentium ) based architectures.
Shell scripting ( GNU Bash )
Perl CGI / Programming
Open Office for documents and spreadsheets

Опыт работы
Designed and implemented systems for the various departments on a daily basis through programming requests assigned by computer department manager and assistant manager.
The systems were all created using Accell for applications ( Accell Unify 6.3 ) , which is a 4GL programming language with complete SQL database integration and a text interface .
Programming was done through client machines running MS Windows that connect remotely ( Telnet ) to an IBM machine running the AIX 4.3 ( Unix ) operating system.
Besides the requests for on screen applications , I created reports using Accell SQL which is based on the C programming language constructs and structured query language for database manipulation.

Some helper applications ( report formatter, print job scheduler, etc.. ) and function libraries were written primarily in C thus creating a very flexible and standard
approach to any programming task while greatly improving overall performance.


Will provide on request.

Дополнительная информация
Знание языков Croatian , English and Italian
Водительские права Есть
Собственный транспорт Нет
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